Gasum Expands Riihimäki Biogas Plant

At a glance
  • Gasum is investing EUR 7.5 million in the Riihimäki biogas plant expansion.
  • The project includes an advanced evaporation system to improve digestate treatment.
  • The expansion is set to be operational by May 2025.
  • The Finnish Ministry of the Environment is providing a 40% grant for the project.

Investment and Objectives

Gasum is investing EUR 7.5 million to expand and enhance its Riihimäki biogas plant in Finland. The project aims to implement an advanced evaporation system to improve the treatment of digestate, a byproduct of biogas production. This system will efficiently remove liquid from the digestate, allowing for the recovery of nitrogen in the form of valuable ammonium water.

Operational Enhancements

The plant, operational since 2016, contributes around 45 gigawatt hours (GWh) of biomethane annually to the gas transmission network. The new evaporator and reverse osmosis system will produce a solid digestate suitable for agricultural use and landscaping, while the thick concentrate can be used as fertilizer. Additionally, the produced ammonium water will be utilized in industrial processes.

Environmental Impact

The investment will significantly reduce transportation costs and associated emissions by removing approximately 40,000 tons of water annually, eliminating the need for a thousand truckloads each year. This will result in a yearly reduction of about 1,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions by replacing fossil-origin nitrogen, specifically urea, with an ammonia solution containing organic nitrogen.

Timeline and Support

The decision to invest in the Riihimäki expansion was made in January 2024, with the planning and procurement phase already initiated. The expansion is expected to be operational by May 2025. The project has received a grant covering 40% of the investment from the Finnish Ministry of the Environment, highlighting the government's commitment to supporting circular economy initiatives.