Base chemistry

Orion S.A. Adds Tire Pyrolysis Oil Tanks in Poland

Base chemistry projects

A map displaying all Base chemistry projects in Europe

A map of Base chemistry projects that are planned or currently being executed.

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Scheduled completion

This chart shows how many Base chemistry projects in the European chemical industry are expected to be completed in the upcoming years.

The right choices in the European chemical industry
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New construction vs expansion

Owners & Investors

Top 5 companies involved as owner and/or investor in current and planned Base chemistry projects:

BASF SE BASF, Solvay Solvay, Orlen Group Orlen, INEOS INEOS, Borealis Borealis, Shell Shell, Nouryon Nouryon, Port of Antwerp-Bruges Port of Antwerp-Bruges, CEPSA CEPSA, and TotalEnergies TotalEnergies.

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