LEAG Partners with AFRY for Power-to-X Project in Boxberg

At a glance
  • The hydrogen plant will feature a 110 MW electrolyser producing up to 2,100 kg of hydrogen per hour.
  • The project includes on-site storage for at least one day of green hydrogen production.
  • The first project phase, including concept design and permit application, will last nine months.
  • AFRY supports the project from concept optimisation to EPC tendering.

Project Overview

Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG) is developing a second Power-to-X (PtX) plant on the decommissioned coal power site in Boxberg, Saxony. AFRY is supporting LEAG from concept optimisation to permit applications and tendering processes.

Hydrogen Production and Storage

The hydrogen power plant (H2KW) will feature a 110 MW electrolyser capable of producing up to 2,100 kilograms of hydrogen per hour. The on-site storage facility is designed to store at least one day of green hydrogen production. The plant will convert surplus electricity into green hydrogen, which can be reconverted into electricity during high demand periods using a 10 MW fuel cell plant. Additionally, the green hydrogen can be transported to external customers via rail or truck.

Project Phases and Timeline

The first phase of the project, which includes concept design, permit application preparation, and technical aspects of tender documents, will last nine months. AFRY is responsible for comprehensive process simulations, technology evaluations, and cost estimates to optimise the plant concept and prepare for the international EPC tender process.

Technical Support and Responsibilities

AFRY's role includes basic design and layout planning, assistance during permitting, and the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) tendering phases. The technology-neutral permit application highlights LEAG's innovative strategy, while AFRY develops functional EPC tender documents for international bidders.