Eastman Expands Resin and Polymer Production in The Netherlands

At a glance
  • Investments will expand hydrocarbon resin production in Middelburg and Jefferson.
  • Polyolefin polymer production will increase in Longview, Texas.
  • Expansions start in 2019 and complete by mid-2020.
  • Capacity will grow by 10-15%.

Investment Overview

Eastman Chemical Company is investing in expanding its production capabilities for hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins at its Middelburg, The Netherlands, and Jefferson, Pennsylvania, sites. Additionally, the company will enhance polyolefin polymer production at its Longview, Texas, facility. These expansions are set to begin in 2019 and are expected to be completed by mid-2020.

Production Capacity Increase

The planned investments will increase Eastman's production capacity for hydrocarbon resins and polyolefin polymers by 10-15%. This expansion supports the growth strategy of Eastman’s Adhesives Resins business, which is part of its Additives & Functional Products segment.

Applications and Uses

Eastman’s hydrocarbon resins are essential raw materials for hotmelt and pressure-sensitive adhesives, as well as binders in nonwoven products like disposable diapers, feminine products, and pre-saturated wipes. They are also used in plastics and rubber modification. The resins offer excellent stability and adhesion and can be formulated with a wide range of styrenic and polyolefinic polymers.

Product Features

Eastman’s Eastoflex™ and Aerafin™ polyolefin polymer products are utilized in hygiene, tape, and roofing products. These polymers provide broad processing capabilities, low-temperature processability, low odor, good adhesion, excellent peel strength, lower tackifier loading, and excellent thermal stability. They are also compatible with hydrocarbon tackifier resins.