European chemical industry outlook 2024

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This visual report presents the 2024 outlook for the European chemical industry, highlighting new construction and expansion projects. It details the involved companies, target substances, and countries where these developments are taking place, including a substantial number in the biobased and circular chemical industry.

Project locations

A map displaying all new construction and expansion projects to be completed in 2024.

New plants and plant expansions expected to be completed throughout 2024 across Europe.

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Each project is labeled with one or more categories or sectors based on their target chemical processes. As can be seen from the chart, biobased & circular and energy related investments clearly outnumber other categorie in 2024.

A total of 82 projects are expected to be completed.

New construction vs expansion

  • New construction: 58
  • Expansion: 23

Current project status

Of all the projects scheduled for completion in 2024, 19 have been completed by now.

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Target substances top 10

Number of projects that target the production of these chemical substances. In addtion to targeting the production of substances, there are also 4 projects aiming to capture & store carbon dioxide (CCS).

Most targeted substances include Hydrogen Hydrogen, Carbon dioxyde Carbon dioxyde, Methanol Methanol, Biodiesel Biodiesel, Polyethylene Polyethylene, Nickel Nickel, Cobalt Cobalt, Lithium hydroxide Lithium hydroxide, Lithium Lithium, and 1,3-Butadiene 1,3-Butadiene.

Owners & Investors

Countries top 7

Countries ordered by number of projects to be completed in 2024. The top 7 consists of Germany Germany, The Netherlands The Netherlands, Belgium Belgium, France France, United Kingdom United Kingdom, Finland Finland, and Hungary Hungary.

Chemical clusters

Many projects are located on a chemical park or cluster. This is the top 5 with the highest number of projects to be completed in 2024:

Port Of Antwerp, Port of Rotterdam, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Kokkola Industrial Park, Marl Chemical Park, Chemmed Cluster Tarragona, and Saltend Chemicals Park.

Engineering & Construction top 7

Companies awarded contracts for design, engineering or construction (FEED, EPC, EPCI) of the projects, sorted by number of projects:

Average Investment Amount

€ 260 mln

The average investment value per project.

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